Lounis Baouche

Lounis Baouche was born in 1994 in Béjaïa, Algeria. He lives and works in Bejaia, Algeria. He graduated from the Regional School of Fine Arts in Azazga, interested in the social relations that individuals have with each other, more particularly, the relations of authority, oppression and resistance.

Lounis's work is multidisciplinary and includes painting, drawing, ceramics and installation as well as video art. In his work, Baouche is interested in the strings of dystopia and practices the affirmation of a world that seems familiar to him. He is interested in the elements that shape the collective imagination and in the way in which archetypes that define human relationships are constructed, by inserting naive characters, bodies in pieces, and geometric shapes on plaster backgrounds that end up constituting fragments of narrative. By evoking the archetype, Baouche associates it with the pressing need for idealization or idolatry. He associates his characters with figures who could be part of our families, ancestral or futuristic; because they are always linked to a collective imagination which is transmitted from generation to generation (past, present and future).