Tiffanie Delune

Tiffanie Delune is a Paris-born visual artist with a multi-media practice, living in Lisbon, Portugal. Expanding from an initial focus on personal trauma and childhood experiences, her practice is instinctively embarking on a wondering wandering. She weaves apparitions in dreams and travel recollections with symbols of her mixed-race family, hints of femininity and flux of spirituality. Navigating between her shadow self and full of light, movement and energy forms, Tiffanie is interested in the magic of storytelling that engages conversations and evokes emotions. 


Approaching her work with playfulness and an intuitive curiosity, she creates multilayered pieces on cotton canvas, loose linen and smaller pieces of paper; inviting for a dialogue between the scale and the subject. Letting go of any inhibitions in the choice of materials, she longs for textures, meanings and a sense of memory — from acrylic, pastels and papers to glitter, threads, loo roll, keys, bags and dried flowers. In a conflicted world that feels deeply saturated, she puts a special emphasis on sharing a blended, unfiltered narrative in all its depth and authenticity.

Self-taught, Tiffanie has fully emerged herself into her practice with daily rituals and creative challenges. Her work has since been exhibited in London, Paris, Lagos, New York and Los Angeles; featured on Forbes, BBC Radio London, Contemporary And, The Financial Times and Cultured Magazine; and is held in the permanent collections of the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art in Geneva, Switzerland as well as the New-York Presbytarian Hospital for Women and Newborns in New York City and The Women's Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK. 

There's Gasoline In My Heart opens 4pm, May 7, 2022 at Foreign Agent, 64 Avenue d'Ouchy, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland in the presence of the artist. Her first solo in Switzerland in collaboration with Ed Cross Fine Art, London. 


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