« I started to apply paint on metal, I learned and perfected the textures, to keep the colour of the paint on the support. For me, metal is the stone of the future, it is the support of a futuristic vision, a projection and a reading of the world that does not yet exist. »


Born and raised in 1983 in Yaoundé, Maurice Mboa is a Cameroonian interdisciplinary and visual artist based in Geneva received an award from by the School of Fine Arts of Mbalmayo. He works mainly on thin metal sheets imported from Africa which he paints, sands, scratches, polishes, carves and burns to create unique works.


His rich cosmogony is rooted in both radical life experiences of survival as well as the training he received from his grandmother, a traditional healer. He has exhibited in Cameroon, Switzerland and other European countries, as well as in Israel. In Spring 2021, Maurice Mboa presented Superlife at Foreign Agent, which was his first solo show in Switzerland since 2017.


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