Ousmane Mbaye, born on November 26, 1975 in Dakar, is a Senegalese designer and decorator. Formerly a refrigeration technician, he takes advantage of this know-how (or "iron knowledge", according to him) to create contemporary furniture from recycled materials (barrel lids , galvanized metal water pipes). He lives and works in Soumbedioune (Dakar).


Ousmane Mbaye is a creative artist, coming from a sensitive, intuitive and technical background. With an insatiable curiosity, driven by a deep need for rigor and quality and always concerned about the beauty of things, he seamlessly migrated from the profession of technician-craftsman to that of artist-creator. Mbaye has a particular predilection for metal and likes to start from the raw material that he bends according to his inspiration, assembles and reworks to make a table, a tray, or a lamp.


Ousmane Mbaye is recognized today in Senegal and much further afield as an essential representative of the creative vivacity of his generation.