ames, KILLA Standing Mirror

The Killa Standing Mirror Large has been designed by Pauline Deltour after she studied the weaving techniques in local Colombian when she visited the country. 
The mirror is made in the Departamento Nariño in South West Colombia, where working with the natural material Iraca has a long tradition. The preparation of the material takes six days and the weaving of the decorative frame additional six days. Historically, the artesanos weave hats, bags, purses, ornaments and individual one-of-a-kind pieces with the fibres of the palm.
The material holds its shape and is very durable. The fibres are dyed using natural methods with seeds, leaves, nuts and roots and some mineral materials are also used to create different colour sections. After the dyeing process, the fibres are drained and need to be left to dry for several days. Only then can the artesanos process the material. With the help of tweezers, needles and tongs, they weave the frame by hand, using different types of stitching