"I use colour as a way of starting a conversation" says designer Yinka Ilori

Jane Englefield, Dezeen, May 22, 2022

Architects should collaborate more with artists and designers to inject a sense of fun into their often-serious projects, London designer Yinka Ilori tells Dezeen in this exclusive interview.


North London-born Ilori, who recently designed his vibrant new studio with architect Sam Jacob, told Dezeen of his belief in the importance of multidisciplinary creativity.

"I want to see a lot more architecture and artist collaborations, and that's why I've been working with Sam," said the designer, who is known for applying bold colour to his work and also referencing his Nigerian heritage.

"It's so important. Architects obviously have a very serious job, which I think then has an effect on their creativity, to not be as playful or experimental."

"Whereas I think where I come in is I bring the humour, the community and the joy, which I think is what's lacking in some architecture."


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