Lounis Baouche featured in Nataal: 6 young artists to watch!

Helen Jennings, Nataal, November 27, 2022

Meet six young artists at Abu Dhabi Art 2022 who are ones to watch

Abu Dhabi Art returned for 2022 with its biggest and most global programme to date. This 14th annual edition featured over 300 artists and 80 galleries from 28 countries and this year, thanks to guest curators Rachida Triki, Jade Yeşim Turanlı, and Riccarda Mandrini, special attention was paid to artists from across Africa as well as Turkey and regional names.

In amidst an impressive array of artist commissions, solos and happenings lay some unique encounters. My Life in the Metaverse was a group show playfully orchestrated by Dr. Omar Kholeif aka Dr O, which brought the avatar experience to life. CookBook was a culinary art adventure that, on the first night alone, fashioned rotating pineapples, moreish pão de queijo and earthen potatoes into tasty, sculptural forms. And Farah Al Qasimi presented a selection of her most seductive and smile-inducing photographic images as this year’s visual campaign artist. The Abu Dhabi-born, Brooklyn-based talent blurs the line between authenticity and artifice to challenge postcolonial power structures, gender norms and notions of good taste.


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