Foreign Agent X Unique Design X Savannah

Foreign Agent is excited to take part in the new edition of Unique Design Group in Savannah, Georgia @ Trustees Garden from April 27 until May 1st, our first participation to the Unique Design Group collectible art fair. We'll be presenting works by Bibi Seck, Jean Servais Somian and Carla Botosso. 


Unique Design X Group is a female-founded commercial platform dedicated to the promotion of functional art or collectible design, its community of artists and galleries, collectors, enthusiasts, and institutions. 


Launched as the first platform exclusively dedicated to collectible design in China during the 2019 Shanghai Art Week and continuing our shows in Paris, Moscow and the USA, the goal is to be a nomadic platform that enhances the collectible design global community and the creative skate community, encouraging innovation and creativity through multicultural diverse exchanges. 

Unique Design believe in a pluralistic vision of our shared future that is inclusive of all backgrounds, all possible ways of being, imaginable styles of living & all opportunities for creativity. Diversity of thought and experience are what fuel the beauty and power of creativity, and should never be taken for granted.