• O H I R I / ɔːhiːriː , n. , from the Bete (Côte d’Ivoire) is a term that refers...

    O H I R I / ɔːhiːriː , n. , from the Bete (Côte d’Ivoire) is a term that refers to an entity in its development process, maturing gradually. That is how the design process is viewed: a journey that’s never quite finished.


    Established in 2012, with its base spread across Paris, Lille and Abidjan, OHIRI is a creative studio that exists to be a bridge between ancient arts and crafts and the contemporary landscape. It seeks a whole and comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics & symbolism of body ornamentation made by ancient cultures.


    Led by creative director Akebehi Kpolo, OHIRI reinterprets these codes for today, using jewellery as a platform not only for adornment but for object art. Over time, they want to take their bridging practice beyond the cultural histories of the African continent into other sites of interest at the intersection of ancient art/crafts & fine jewellery.